Brief History

Attempt at Retail


I made all my initial contacts with retail: Target ,Walmart, Walgreens, Ralphs, Rite-Aid, only to discover that I spent a considerable about of time always talking to the wrong people…even though I always knew that Retail was the way to go! But, to get some type of business started, I decided to turn my attention to a Catalogue Company.

(For the record, I have both a Trademark and Design Patent on the “Tight Lips Toothpaste Squeezer” product.)

Catalogue Company Test Market

I approached a large Catalogue Company about our “Twin-Pak” product, a few months ago, and the results were fairly successful when you consider the type of test we had, (I’ll get to the numbers in a minute.) But, first, I really need to tell you what I had to deal with, working with a very unscrupulous catalogue company. (I found that out later on.)

They were very enthusiastic at the beginning…in fact, they encouraged me to build up a hefty inventory. After all, they had over 16 million names and addresses to send to. So, I got the money together, bought a 4-cavity plastic mold and we produced 25,000 Twin-Pak units! They wanted, and I agreed, to do a test mail-out with just a handful of addresses…some at $7.00 retail, and some at $5.00 retail. (Their idea, not mine.) So, each went out with their usual fat packet of sheets with at least a hundred other products. The result was they sold a little over 400 Twin-Paks. However, when I asked; they refused to tell me how many pieces went out, and which price worked better! After that refusal, I figured I had just lost control.

Then, they wanted to do another test run at $4.00 each. Only this time, they wanted me to lower my price to them BIG TIME. They offered me just pennies over my cost. not even including shipping. Then, they absolutely refused to negotiate a better price. I guess they figured I would cave in, since I had invested in a warehouse full of “Tight Lips” product! So I told them, “See You Later!!” (I don’t need to deal with people that lack that kind of integrity).

Aderon Enterprises Now!

Today, I am very excited to share with you the opportunity to offer this “Tight Lips Toothpaste Squeezer” in your stores. We have over 24,000 ‘Twin-paks’ to fill your toothbrush display racks with this do my college homework superb product. Furthermore, our company not only creates this excellent tool of convenience, but we’re working on other unique and fantastic products which we will be available once they are finalized.

We’d like you to help us reach our distribution network goals, by becoming a part of the Aderon Enterprise family! Please contact us TODAY to learn how you can allow your customers a much-valued choice, by offering and stocking your stores with, “Tight Lips Toothpaste Squeezers!”